Down But Not Out In Shanghai And Beijing

I have for many years, like many people, harboured the ambition to write a book.  For me the glass is always half full and with the experiences I have been through I finally plucked up the courage to put pen to paper.


This book was written partly out of the desire to share these experiences and partly to bring a smile to the faces of the readers who may or may not have had similar experiences.  It was built around a lessons learnt process of what I describe as a “perfect storm” in terms of what could go wrong when naively getting into something you are just not prepared for.  It is far from being aimed at business people as day to day life is relevant to the visitor and the business person alike.


Whilst this book is written about experiences in China there is a much deeper message out there of the importance of culture and business naivety and I am sure similar experiences will be relevant for others in any part of the world.  China is not a unique place to do business and live, however it does come with cultural differences that many in the West have no ability to comprehend, nor the desire to.


Whilst there has been and continues to be negativity about and towards China, it is again important to understand that these are not unique to a country like China.  Talk of corruption and you only have to look at the last global economic crisis and what created it?  Corruption. Was that caused in or from China, absolutely not.  Think of all the scandals hitting politicians and governments in the democratic Western world and really is the West any better?  These examples are given to simply put a perspective on things.  There is good and bad everywhere, however even those definitions need to be understood in terms of culture.


I hope you enjoy and finish this book with a smile on your face and for all of you on a long haul flight or journey, hopefully a lot closer to your destination.